Elephant tour Chiang Mai

About Elephant Tour Chiang Mai:

Eddy Elephant is not a show, not a conservation camp, nor a farm, an elephant park or an hospital. Eddy is a group of local persons who care elephants in a responsible way. Eddy Elephant sticks to Fair Trade Tourism and profit to local people.

Eddy Elephant is the best elephant tour experience you can get in Chiang Mai: an incredible adventure and souvenir, a journey full of feelings and emotions.

The highlight of this Elephant tour:

Imagine yourself learning how to take care of an elephant for a day, making him your buddy, learning how to ride him directly without a platform, communicate with him, care him, having a trek in the jungle to finally finishing your day bathing and playing with him in the river.

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Your elephant tour include:

  • Pick up at your hotel or guesthouse between 08.30 am and 09.00 am
  • Go to buy bananas at the local market
  • Head to Eddy Elephant place at 50 kilometers from Chiang Mai
  • Change provided and convenient clothes adapted at your mahout experience
  • Learn about the Thai elephant, instructions and how to ride an elephant, feed and elephant
  • A Thai lunch in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Ride your own elephant for a trekking in the jungle
  • Going to the river and bath your elephant
  • Back to your accommodation in Chiang Mai around 4.30 pm
  • A souvenir diploma as you went to Eddy Elephant and a CD-Rom (100 Thb for the cd support and copy) with your pictures of this magical day

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Your guarantees

  • Limited to few privileged guests everyday, Eddy doesn’t accept buses or big group.
  • Insured by Chartis Thailand
  • Reservation system powered by Tourist Information Center Co., Ltd.
  • Member of Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association number 5301398
  • A service of Cool Asia Travel Tourism License 21/00488
  • Payment secured by Paypal
  • Easy: 100% Refund in case of cancellation 2 days prior the date
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Best Elephant tours Chiang Mai

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